For FTK to be all it can be, we partner with churches, Sunday school classes, youth groups, scout troops, school clubs, and families to help keep our campus beautiful and efficient. Your generosity keeps the staff focused on the real mission here. Getting our city’s youth to summer camp.
There are countless ways to get involved here. We always have plenty of yard work  to do, closets to clean, and bathrooms to scrub. FTK is open to fun ideas as well, like making new benches, clearing trails, or painting simple designs. Please contact Whitney Steinfeld at whitney@ftkmemphis.com and get involved; help kids have the summer of their lives.

Be an Avocate

Believing isn’t seeing. Seeing is believing. Every visitor we have is amazed just how beautiful the grounds really are. Most are even more surprised by the kids’ reactions to being here. In one week, our campers grow confident, make new friends, and often dedicate their lives to God.
Help us spread the word. Help send campers here. Help get us in touch with people who can help or a family in need. Contact Danny Cox at danny@ftkmemphis.com if you want to advocate for FTK.