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The For The Kingdom Bubble, located in Memphis, TN, is an isolation zone that was created to protect student athletes from COVID-19 while allowing for a winter 2020 basketball season. This model follows the National Basketball Association example which returned zero positive cases.


March 5-7 – 6 Teams, invite only

March 19-21 – 6 Teams, invite only

March 26-29 – 6 Teams, invite only

April 23-25 Senior Showcase – 6 Teams, invite only

March 26-29 – 6 Teams, invite only


For The Kingdom is a beautiful 100 acres camp, conference, and retreat center located in Memphis, TN. For 21 years FTK has specialized in providing an escape in the city for the city through day and overnight camps. FTK is an adventurous place filled with laughter, bonding, and unity.

FTK is a uniquely qualified infrastructure to make the bubble concept viable. Not only is the space big enough to contain all essential team and league personnel, with security, it can be isolated from the surrounding area relatively easily.


In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the safety of everyone cannot be overstated. We have seen local gyms reopen and allow children to play, but they have not been socially responsible while doing so. A coach will impact more lives in one season than the average person will in a lifetime.


FTK’s secluded oasis has the ability to comfortably sleep 200 people. Teams will be each given two newly renovated cabins which will house six athletes apiece. Each cabin is equipped with AC/Heat, hardwood floors, three private showers, and restrooms.

Most amenities including the pool, zip lines, climbing towers, game porches, and reading/movie/gaming lounges are available for anyone on campus to use.


Practices and games in the Bubble take place in two different locations in close proximity to FTK’s campus. Limited media personnel and inactive players are allowed in the stands, but other than a small number of sponsors, no fans are allowed to attend any of the first two tournaments. The locations will be announced when schedules are released. More information about practices can be found in the packet.


COVID-19 Testing:

Upon arrival at the FTK Bubble, every player, coach, and staff member must self-isolate in their rooms for up to 48 hours until they receive two negative COVID-19 tests.

COVID-19 testing is performed regularly inside the Bubble by Methodist North Hospital professionals. Unique circumstances may require some to be tested daily.


Those who test positive for the coronavirus inside the Bubble will go through a multi-step process, outlined by FTK below.

  • They will be placed in ‘Isolation Housing,’ which is a house, hotel, or other facility different from the individual’s previous accommodations where there are no individuals who have not tested positive for the virus.

  • They will be administered a second COVID-19 test as soon as possible to guard against the possibility of a false positive. If the second test comes back positive, the person will remain in Isolation Housing.

  • If the second test returns negative, a third test will be administered between 24 and 48 hours after the first test. If that test also comes back negative, the person will be allowed to reenter the FTK campus. If it returns positive, the person will remain in isolation.

The period of time for treatment and isolation for players who test positive is a minimum of 14 days.

Per the CDC’s guidelines, a player who tests positive and is eventually cleared must undergo cardiac screening either two weeks after the first positive test (if he/she is asymptomatic) or two weeks after his/her symptoms clear. The player must pass the cardiac screening before he/she can return to play.

If someone tests positive, FTK will use contact tracing in an effort to identify his/her recent interactions. Anyone who had been in close contact with the individual for at least 15 minutes or had direct contact with him/her will be notified of the need to be tested.

Number of People Per Team

There are 10-12 players per team and no more than 3 coaches per team. However, if a player or coach tests positive, the team will be able to replace them after they have gone through the aforementioned Covid-19 protocols.


There will be three meals and two snacks available each day for all student athletes and personnel. All meals are prepared on site in FTK’s restaurant by some of the best chefs in the midsouth. Any dietary or food allergies can be accommodated. Feel free to peruse our menu here for examples of food options.


We are fortunate to have some of the best medical professionals who donate their time to athletes, coaches, and personnel.


Due to the current surge in Covid-19 cases, there will be no guests allowed in.


There is a store on campus where snacks and drinks can be purchased until 11:00pm nightly, for an additional cost.


Players are technically allowed to leave the Bubble whenever they want, but unless it’s an excused absence, doing so is not a good idea. If a player or coach leaves they will have to start the 48 hour quarantine process over again.

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